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Your support will impact children across the Eastern Upper Peninsula and Ontario's Algoma region.

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The Project

Sketch of the facade of the Soo Locks Children's Museum
The Portage Avenue facade of the museum.
Sketch of the entry way and small retail area of the museum.
Inside the main entry will be the Admissions counter and a small retail space with educational toys to purchase.
Sketch of the Toddler-Infant play area
The infant/toddler play space will give our youngest visitors an engaging and safe area to explore, contained by a perimeter of soft seating for their caregivers.
Sketch of the Science/Engineering themed water table
Our flagship exhibit will be the Science/Engineering-based water play area, with a boat building station and a hands-on interactive Soo Locks to test their boats.
Sketch of the nature-themed water table exhibit and other interactive stations.
The water place exhibit continues through a doorway and transforms into a nature-themed water table, with a nearby fish-matching station and interactive tree activity kiosks.
Sketch of Northern Lights area of Nature Exhibits room
The nature-themed exhibits will also include a Northern Lights display.
Sketch of multi-level climber
Our nature-themed area will also include a multi-level climber to give children a place to get "big energy" out.
Sketch of the Sensory Room, a space with calm and quiet lights and sounds
Our Sensory Room will provide a soothing space to go when visitors need a break from all of the engagement.
Sketch of the Maker Space room
The Maker Space will be a STEAM-based exploration exhibit where children and their families will find both guided and self-led opportunities to learn.
Sketch of the Birthday Party Room
The museum will include a flexible space to accommodate birthday parties and other gatherings.
Sketch of the Town and Construction areas
The Main Street play space will provide opportunities for imaginative play including a bank, a medical clinic, and grocery store. The adjacent Jacobsville Sandstone Construction exhibit will invite children to build with large foam blocks while they learn about the historical connection of the stone to our area.
  • Create a 6,000 sq. ft. Children’s Museum.
  • Engage diverse groups from the area, including representatives from local native communities, in conversations to plan themes for the exhibits.
  • Create 10 interactive, place-based, hands-on exhibits focused on ages 2-12.
  • Use these exhibits to shine a light on culturally historic, side-by-side
  • Provide a safe, community-centric space that welcomes residents and tourists year-round.

The Impact

  • Sault Ste. Marie is a city full of beauty and history, but it is rural and remote and lacks indoor entertainment options.
  • More than one in five people in The Soo live in poverty, and many families struggle to find things to do that are safe, affordable and local.
  • The Museum will be a safe, welcoming and affordable space for adults and
    children to learn together.
  • This Children’s Museum will have a powerful impact on the entire community.
  • It will be a year-round resource for residents and a tourist attraction that increases dollars spent in the region.

The Timeline

Jan 2023   Acquired building space
Jun 2023   Interior demolition completed
Nov 2023   White-box construction begins
Spring 2024   Exhibits installed
Summer 2024   Museum opens!

The Cost

Construction & Renovation
Architectural Design
Other pre-development
Paving & External
Furniture, fixtures
Equipment, exhibits, kiosks
Technology infrastructure
Two years' operating budget
Campaign costs
TOTAL $2,600,000

Naming Opportunities

Naming OpportunityGift Amount
Entire Building $1,000,000
Main Street
   Bank, Grocery or Clinic
   $50,000 each
Maker Space $250,000
Exhibit: Science/Engineering Water Table $250,000
Exhibit: Multi-level Rope Climber $250,000
Exhibit: Nature Water Table $200,000
Sensory Room $100,000
Main Entrance $100,000
Birthday Party Room $100,000
Exhibit: Jacobsville Sandstone Construction Zone $50,000
Exhibit: Infant/Toddler Area $25,000
Exhibit: Interactive Trees $25,000
Exhibit: Fish Matching Station $25,000
Exhibit: Northern Lights $25,000
Exhibit: Slapshot Hockey $25,000
Gift Shop $25,000
Administration Office $10,000